To Most Creatives, Business is Overwhelming, Boring and Scary.
It Doesn’t Have to Be.

We are the Conquering Creatives.

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The Conquering Creative!

We are Creative Freelancers, Solopreneuers, Side-Hustlers, and Entrepreneurs who:

Conquer the Complexities of “The Business Side of Things”

Conquer the Fear of Making a Living with your Craft

Conquer the Unknowns we Never Learned in Art School

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About William

William is a Conquering Creative…and wants to inspire other creatives to join the adventure!

As the founder and CEO of the Sketch Effect, William and his team works with a hundreds of corporate, educational, and non-profit clients to provide a range of creative visual communication services.

An artist at heart, William has learned the delicate balance between the right-brained world of creativity and the left-brained world of business. Having “been there and done that”, William is energized by the idea of helping creatives get better at the “businessy stuff” and also helping businesses better leverage their creativity.


Looking to bring in a fresh voice to your classroom or next corporate event?

William shares at events of all shapes and sizes, offering his unique perspective on business, creativity and leadership from 7+ years in the entrepreneurial trenches. From art school students to suit-and-tie professionals, William is available to deliver inspirational and educational keynote-style presentations, practical training on small business entrepreneurship, as well as more in-depth workshops for teams.

Speaking Experience


  • Savannah College of Art and Design
  • The Graphic Artists Guild
  • Chick-fil-A, Inc.
  • UPS
  • Subway
  • Plywood People
  • Atlanta Convention and Visitor’s Bureau
  • Elevate Experiences

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